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"As a first-time rappeller, I was blown away by the amount of excitement that filled the day. From people scaling the building, to spectators cheering, and music filling the streets – there was just an overwhelming sense of energy and enthusiasm that came to life in Center City."

–Megan Gallagher

"If you’re afraid of heights, there’s no better way to get over your fear – take it from a guy that used to shudder when staring over the railing of a second floor balcony. Building Adventure not only got me over that, but allowed me to have a blast while doing it!  I’m a new man thanks to the experience!"

– John Fidler


"Building Adventure was absolutely GRAND!  What a great way to celebrate two major milestones in my life and contribute to a program I truly believe in! I recommend everyone to do it at least once!" 

– Andrea Konow

    Read about Andrea's milestones on our blog!


“I rappelled for two reasons: to confront my fear of heights head-on, and to support the Philadelphia Outward Bound School and the variety of programs they offer which help young people develop the skills and character necessary to make a difference. The experience challenged me and changed me, just as students, veterans, and kids dealing with loss are changed through Outward Bound.”

– Loren Berckey