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Welcome to Jim Bodine's Page

Jim Bodine

Jim Bodine

Thank you for visiting. I'm thrilled to participate in Building Adventure 2019 benefiting the Philadelphia Outward Bound School. Your support will enable POBS to advance its mission of "changing lives through challenge and discovery." Thank you! Jim

Check-out the videos below to see the POBS mission in action.



raised of $1,750 goal

Recent Donations

1. KCKelly & Joe Culley
2. DBDennis Bianchi
Knowing Jim, he will rappel/descend, then climb the outside of the building back to the top (like Spider-Man), and rappel/descend one more time for good measure ... Go Jim!
3. KKathy & Jim
4. ?Anonymous
5. CDColin Dyckman
Wonderful work POB does, and no better representation of their work than by Jim Bodine’s work.
6. TKTimothy Kelly
Great Work Jimbo!

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