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Mark Haslam

Mark Haslam

The outcome of each new adventure or challenge helps us refine and discover what we hold most important.

The Philadelphia Outward Bound School changes lives through challenge and discovery.

Michelle and I have long believed that the power of the great outdoors can be life altering. The ability to positively change the trajectory of an individual life could not be more important work.

The incredible instructors at the Philadelphia Outward Bound School truly change lives. They are very special individuals that teach leadership, compassion, team, conflict resolution and love what they do.

Every dollar that can be collected to send one more young individual on an expedition, has the possibility of having an impact on that young life that can never be fully understood nor appreciated. This is the power of Outward Bound. Please support the wonderful individuals that have committed to going "OVER THE EDGE" for this great organization.

Thank you for your support.
Mark Haslam
Chair of the Board of Trustees



raised of $1,750 goal

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1. CNCatherine Newsom
Congratulations Mark and Michelle! A great year for POBS and Building Adventure!
2. MHMark Haslam
3. JDJoel Davidson
Mark is always "over the edge".
4. MHMark Haslam

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