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Welcome to Ryan Killeen's Page

Ryan Killeen

Ryan Killeen

So this cause is pretty awesome!

Philadelphia Outward Bound School (POBS) provides scholarship and subsidy for underserved youth from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to participate in their outdoor experiential education programming. More than 60% of POBS' participants are from low-income families and 75% are Philadelphia residents.

POBS provides character growth, team building, and leadership experience to young folks who might otherwise not have the chance.

That's pretty huge. We need young leaders of all walks of life, and I'm proud to help raise funds to help under-served communities get that experience.

All donations are appreciated, and if we hit our goal I get to repel myself off a building. So if you've ever wanted me to throw myself over the edge, now is your chance!



raised of $1,750 goal

Recent Donations

1. CGCaroline Gadonas
Ok fine...but are you repelling or rappelling? As always, I’m both a pain in the ass and super proud of you.
2. TGTheresa Garcia
Happy to contribute. I hope this is televised!
3. CHChristopher Hetherington
I wanted to change my name to “that guy you said that mean thing to once” but sean already donated. So... heres some money. Repelling off anything is fun... I cannot say ive repelled off a building though.
4. JKJames Killeen
Never thought we would see you jump over the edge. Let us know when you’re repelling so we ca come watch.
5. SKSean Killeen
I've often wanted to push you off a building, so this works ;) seriously this is a great cause and I'm glad you're supporting it! Happy to join you.
6. Ryan Killeen
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