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Phil Charron

Phil Charron

Back in 1992, I had some time off before grad school, so I took an Outward Bound adult mountaineering course.

I learned all the things you'd expect: navigation, rock climbing, first aid, and how to poop in the woods. I also picked up skills and values that I have carried for the rest of my life: working on diverse teams to meet a common goal; trusting others (and myself) in high-pressure circumstances; a deep love for the outdoors; and–most importantly–how to challenge my comfort zone.

I also learned from my instructors how important Outward Bound is to at-risk kids. So, the minute I started earning a salary, I became a supporter. This year, I am thrilled to continue giving back by leading a team in a 29-story building rappel!

With your support, the Philadelphia Outward Bound School will fund programs so all those interested can experience an Outward Bound adventure regardless of their economic situation. The Philadelphia Outward Bound School serves 5,000 students annually from the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond, the majority of whom are from low-income families and underperforming schools. To ensure that students can participate without regard to financial capacity, POBS offers scholarships covering up to 80% of course fees for thousands of young people.

Above is an image of me at NC Outward Bound Basecamp 25 years after that course. My first climbing and rappelling experience was on that rock face in the pouring rain.

Please help me and my team meet our goal by making a contribution of any size.




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